Kiwi Vacuum Cup

Kiwi Vacuum Cup

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Kiwi Vacuum Cup

Being a client focused organization since our inception, we are involved in supplying and distributing Kiwi Vacuum Cup. Our range of vacuum delivery cups is highly demanded in the market for its precise performance. Our range of cups applies an effective vacuum pressure that maintains the flow of pressure and provides sturdy performance. These cups are used during genitures.


  • Used specially for caesarean section deliveries
  • Properly placed
  • Can build a pressure unto 700 mm
  • Available as bot disposable and reusable ones
  • The Omni-C™ Cup is designed specifically for caesarean section deliveries and the confined space of the lower uterine segment.
  • The Kiwi Omni Cup features a low profile and stem-free traction mechanism that make it possible to place the cup safely and correctly over the flexion point of the fetal head (3 cm forward of posterior fontanelle).
  • When the Omni Cup is properly placed and traction is exerted in line with the pelvic axis, mal-position of the fetal head can be corrected so that the optimal diameters present to the birth canal and auto-rotation can occur naturally.
  • Kiwi Omni cup is mainly used specifically for caesarean section deliveries especially during floating head cases.
  • The pressure can be built in the hand and no need of any external pressure source (In the case of silicon vacuum cup the cup is connected to the external pressure source).
  • The device can build a pressure close to 700 mm.
  • The Omni Cup is properly placed and traction is exerted in line with the pelvic axis.
  • The other end of delivery cup has got a vacuum release button in order to release the pressure built once the procedure is done.